What Job Roles Require The Level 2 Door Supervision Qualification

Working as a door supervisor is an important and responsible job. Door supervisors help maintain safety and order at various venues like bars, clubs, concerts, and other events. To work legally as a door supervisor in the UK, you need to obtain the Level 2 Award for Working as a Door Supervisor qualification. This qualification is regulated and approved by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

What Types Of Job Roles Require You To Have The Level 2 Door Supervision Qualification?

Here are some of the main door supervisor job roles that need this qualification:


One of the most common door supervisor roles is working as a bouncer at bars, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues.

Bouncers are responsible for maintaining order, checking IDs, managing queues, removing problematic customers, and ensuring the safety of patrons. The Level 2 Door Supervision qualification is mandatory for legally working as a bouncer.

Security Guard

Security guards stationed at the entrance or exit points of buildings and events need to hold the Level 2 Door Supervision license. Their duties include screening people entering the premises, monitoring activity through CCTV, responding to emergencies, and record keeping.

Popular places that employ security guards as licensed door supervisors include office buildings, hospitals, stadiums, music festivals, and conference centers.


Bodyguards who provide close protection services to VIPs like celebrities, executives, and politicians are often required to have the Level 2 qualification.

Bodyguards stationed at venue entrances act as door supervisors, controlling access to their client. They undertake searches, monitor threats, and ensure only authorized people can approach the person they’re protecting.

Store Detective

Store detectives stationed at store entrances deter and catch shoplifters. Their role includes greeting customers, examining receipts, and identifying potential thieves.

Major retail stores often require their entrance door staff to have the Level 2 license to legally perform searches and detention.

Hotel Doorman

Hotel doormen have customer service duties like luggage assistance, giving directions, and hailing taxis. But large hotels also rely on them to spot trespassers, deal with disruptive patrons, and ensure the safety of guests entering and leaving. That’s why most hotels mandate their doormen to have the Level 2 Door Supervision qualification.

Concert Security

Concert security staff are deployed at the main gates and entry points at big music events. They check tickets, manage crowds, and keep out gatecrashers. Concert promoters hire door supervisors with Level 2 certification as they are trained to spot hazards and handle conflicts that may arise.

Nightclub Host

Nightclub hosts have PR responsibilities like greeting patrons, securing tables, and promoting the venue. But they also take on the role of door supervisors by managing orderly queues, searching bags, and removing unruly customers. That’s why nightclub hosts need to acquire the Level 2 license before active duty.

Baggage Handler

Baggage handlers working at the entrance points and checkpoints of airports, ports, and train stations are mandated to have the Level 2 Door Supervision license. They are responsible for stopping unauthorized items, performing security checks, and controlling access to restricted areas.

Event Steward

Event stewards at large gatherings like festivals, sports, expos, and concerts undertake crowd management and security duties. Venue owners and event organizers require stewards screening attendees and managing entry points to be qualified with the Level 2 training.

Mobile Patrol Officer

Mobile patrol officers respond to calls across multiple sites. When stationed at building entrances and access points, they take on temporary door supervisor duties like ID checks, monitoring CCTV, responding to alarms, and record keeping. That’s why many employers mandate the Level 2 license for mobile patrol officers.

Close Protection Operative

Close protection operatives assigned to protect high-profile principals also control access by acting as licensed door supervisors. They secure perimeters, screen visitors, respond to threats, and prevent unauthorized entry. That’s why the Level 2 Door Supervision license is an important qualification for those seeking work as a close protection operative.

Casino Security Officer

Security staff at the entrance and exits of casinos act as door supervisors, undertaking searches, checking IDs, removing problematic patrons, and ensuring customer safety.

That’s why the Level 2 qualification is a prerequisite for those seeking work as casino security officers monitoring critical entry points.

In summary, a wide variety of security, protection, and customer service roles require the Level 2 Door Supervision license to legally undertake access control and security duties. Given how essential this qualification is, seeking proper training and certification is a must.

Why Get the Level 2 Door Supervision Qualification?

There are many important reasons to invest your time and money to get the Level 2 Door Supervision qualification:

  • It is a legal requirement to work as a licensed door supervisor. The SIA mandates this qualification to undertake most security roles. Working without it can lead to hefty fines and even imprisonment.
  • It provides nationally recognized certification and a Smart SIA license card, allowing you to work anywhere in the UK.
  • You gain vital knowledge and skills like conflict management, emergency response, crowd control, etc. This improves your capabilities and job performance tremendously.
  • It opens up a wider range of job opportunities and makes you more employable. Most venues and companies prioritize hiring qualified personnel.
  • You can earn a higher salary as a licensed door supervisor, given your proven competency and credentials.
  • It gives you prestige and credibility working as a qualified professional in the security industry.
  • Regular refresher training and updates are mandated to renew the qualification. This helps expand your knowledge further.
  • Overall, it provides a pathway to a long and successful career as a licensed door supervisor across the UK.

How to Get the Level 2 Door Supervision Qualification

If you are interested in obtaining the Level 2 qualification, here is a quick 4-step guide:

Step 1: Check You Qualify

  • You must be over 18 years of age.
  • You need to pass an enhanced DBS check.
  • You must be physically fit for the role.
  • You should have basic literacy and communication skills.

Step 2: Find a Training Provider

  • Search online for SIA approved trainers in your area.
  • Compare course fees, durations, locations, and passing rates.
  • Read reviews and speak to past trainees.
  • Choose a reliable trainer like Advance Training Academy Or Bs Security

Step 3: Complete the Course

  • Courses involve 2-3 weeks of classroom and practical training.
  • You learn topics like law, powers, conflict management, etc.
  • Includes ongoing assessment and mock tests.
  • Course ends with the final proctored exam.

Step 4: Apply for the SIA License

  • Passing the exam lets you apply for the official SIA license.
  • Submit your application via the SIA website.
  • Your Door Supervisor license will arrive in 4-6 weeks.
  • Renew it every 3 years with refresher training.

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In summary, the Level 2 Door Supervision license equips you with the skills, knowledge and credentials to take on door control, crowd management and access control duties across a wide range of industries.

Investing in this nationally recognized qualification can prove to be a crucial step in building a stable and rewarding career in private security.

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