Becoming a qualified trainer for the Security Industry Authority (SIA) may seem daunting, but with the right training program, it can be achieved in as little as 4 days. This comprehensive guide will provide answers to frequently asked questions about how to quickly gain SIA trainer status.

Why Become an SIA Trainer?

There are many benefits to becoming an accredited SIA trainer:

  • Opportunity to teach others valuable security skills and knowledge
  • Flexible work opportunities at security companies or as a freelancer
  • Ability to earn a good income while setting your own schedule
  • Gain a respected qualification that boosts employability in the security sector

What are the Requirements to Become an SIA Trainer or Instructor?

The requirements to become an SIA trainer include:

  • Hold a current SIA license in the roles you wish to teach
  • Have at least 3 years frontline experience in those roles
  • Hold a formal teaching or training qualification
  • Pass the SIA trainer exam

Some training providers like BS Security offer intensive 4-day courses that cover all the required qualifications and provide exam preparation to become a fully approved trainer under SIA guidelines.

What Will I Learn in a 4-Day SIA Trainer Course?

A high-quality 4-day program will teach you everything you need to know through a mix of theory and practical sessions. Here’s an overview of what the training will cover:


  • Instructional techniques for adult learners
  • Developing engaging lesson plans
  • Classroom management strategies
  • Understanding the SIA training syllabus
  • In-depth exam preparation for the SIA trainer test

The exact curriculum may vary slightly between training providers, but the above topics will feature prominently in a reputable 4-day program.

What Qualification Will I Gain?

Upon completing the 4 days of training and passing the SIA exam, you will gain the following qualification:

  • SIA Approved Contractor Trainer

This allows you to deliver training for SIA licensed sectors such as door supervision, CCTV operation, and security guarding. The trainer status must be renewed every 3 years.

What Are the Key Benefits of 4-Day SIA Trainer Courses?

The main benefits of intensive 4-day SIA trainer programs include:

  • Fast completion – Get qualified dramatically faster than traditional routes
  • Comprehensive – Covers all required content through taught classes and practicals
  • Exam focused – Benefit from enhanced test preparation and tips
  • Weekday only – Complete in just 4 weekdays avoiding weekend study
  • Recognised certification – Gain an accredited SIA trainer qualification
  • Career enhancing – Become a highly employable security trainer

How Much Does SIA Trainer Training Cost?

The cost for a comprehensive 4-day SIA trainer course generally ranges from £ £600-650 depending on your location and training provider.

Many security companies will cover the training costs for their staff if they agree to work for them as an SIA trainer after qualifying.

BS Security offers very competitively priced SIA trainer courses so candidates get certified quickly and cost effectively.

What Can I Expect During the 4 Days of Training?

The 4 action-packed days of SIA trainer training will be broken down something like this:

Day 1

  • Introduction to instructional techniques
  • Developing engaging teaching sessions
  • Learning styles and needs

Day 2

  • Classroom management strategies
  • Health and safety for trainers
  • Overview of the SIA syllabus

Day 3

  • Lesson planning workshop
  • Teaching practice & peer review
  • Conflict management

Day 4

  • Exam preparation and techniques
  • Mock tests & feedback
  • Practical teaching assessments
  • Next steps for working as an SIA trainer

How Long Before I Can Work As an SIA Trainer?

Once you pass the trainer exam at the end of the 4-day course, your SIA trainer license gets issued within 10 working days typically.

This allows you to immediately start applying for SIA trainer jobs and delivering SIA approved training.

So you could be teaching professionally in just over 1 week from starting your 4-day qualification course!

Am I Guaranteed to Pass the SIA Exam?

Unfortunately no training provider can legally guarantee you will pass the SIA trainer exam, as it depends on your own performance on the day.

However, undertaking a high-quality 4-day course will give you the maximum possible preparation to pass the test and become a certified SIA trainer.

The intensive teaching practice, mock tests, and exam tips provided on a course like BS Security offers will hugely improve your chances of passing first time.

Where Can I Take an SIA Trainer Course?

Reputable security training providers like BS Security offer the 4-day SIA trainer qualification courses across the UK.

You can typically find classroom course dates available in most major cities if you search online. Virtual options may also be available.

Contact training providers directly to check about upcoming course dates in your nearest suitable location.

How Do I Book Onto an SIA Trainer Course?

The process to book an SIA trainer course is simple and as follows:

  • Choose your preferred training provider
  • Select a course date and location that suits you
  • Complete an online booking form and pay the course fees
  • Receive joining instructions for your course

To get started, check out the BS Security website and upcoming SIA trainer course dates. You can book online or give them a call to discuss your training needs on 02089650955 or 02084230169.

Get Ready to Book Our SIA Trainer Course!

Becoming a qualified SIA trainer in just 4 days is a very achievable goal when you complete the right intensive training program. It allows you to kickstart a rewarding career in security training without having to spend months gaining the required certifications.

If you want to teach others the vital skills to succeed in security and quickly gain an income from sharing your experience, then an accelerated 4-day course offers the ideal route.

Ready to get qualified as an SIA trainer in record time? Get in touch with the expert team at BS Security today to book your place on their next intensive 4-day course.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns. You can contact us by phone at 02089650955 or 02084230169, or email us;

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) Level 3 SIA Trainer Course!

How long does it take to become an SIA trainer?

The journey to becoming an SIA trainer can vary depending on individual circumstances. However, with the right qualifications and experience, it is possible to become a qualified SIA trainer in just 4 days.

Can I become an SIA trainer without any security industry experience?

While having experience in the security industry is highly recommended, it is not mandatory. However, having practical knowledge and understanding of the industry will significantly enhance your credibility as a trainer.

Are there any prerequisites for the SIA Trainer Course?

Yes, to enroll in the SIA Trainer Course, you need to hold the Level 3 Award in Education and Training (formerly known as PTLLS) and a valid SIA license in the sector you wish to train in.

Can I become an SIA trainer in multiple sectors?

Yes, once you have obtained SIA Trainer Approval, you can become a trainer in multiple sectors. However, it is important to have the necessary qualifications and experience in each sector.

How can BS Security help me in becoming an SIA trainer?

A5: BS Security offers comprehensive SIA training courses, including the SIA Trainer Course. Their experienced trainers provide expert guidance and support throughout the training process, ensuring you have the necessary skills and knowledge to become a qualified SIA trainer.

How do I find my SIA Trainer Job?

There is high demand in the industry, You can find your job by contacting us or visiting following  websites : Support, training and advice on finding your next opportunity – JobHelp or Jobs are our job | Totaljobs or or Welcome to the G4S Career Center – Register or Login or Security Manager Jobs |

Other training provider near you : etc

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More details of the course you can always find in Security Industry Authority – Wikipedia

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For the awarding body: Home | Highfield (

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Sia mock test or SIA past question paper can be found here SIA Licence Door Supervisor & Security Officer Mock Exams: Supervisor Security Guard Officer Test Answers & Questions Book: Parkinson, Alex: 9798357777713: Books


Salary range for the SIA Trainer: £180 – £250 per day or £60,000 Per annum.

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