Are There Any Practical Components In The Level 3 Sia Trainer Certification Course (1)

If you’re considering becoming a certified security trainer, you’ve likely heard about the Level 3 qualification from the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

This top-tier trainer certification is highly valued and paves the way for teaching others in fields like door supervision, CCTV and more.

But does the Level 3 course only cover dry theoretical concepts? Or does it contain practical elements as well to develop real-world training skills? Let’s explore the answer.

Why Practical Learning Matters?

It’s not enough for security trainers to just understand security principles in an abstract sense. To effectively educate new recruits, trainers need concrete opportunities to apply instructional concepts.

Through practical activities, Level 3 students gain vital hands-on experience:

  • Facilitating realistic mock training sessions
  • Using security equipment like CCTV camera systems
  • Employing instructional tools and technology
  • Implementing various teaching methods
  • Providing coaching and assessment

This experiential learning ensures trainers can walk the talk when training future security staff.

Practical Components in the Level 3 Course

The good news is the SIA Level 3 curriculum contains diverse practical modules to produce job-ready trainers. These components provide:

In-class practice teaching:

  • You will deliver mock lessons and facilitate discussions.
  • Peers and instructors give feedback on your training skills.
  • Gain confidence managing real classroom scenarios.

Security equipment training:

  • Learn to operate industry equipment like CCTV camera setups.
  • Practice training others how to use security technology.

Instructional tools workshops:

  • Explore how to use visual aids, e-learning tools, and other teaching aids.
  • Create activities, games, and multimedia to engage classes.

Assessment roleplays:

  • Simulate student assessments through mock tests and interviews.
  • Learn how to evaluate and give feedback on performance.


  • Prepare and deliver short 5-10 minute lessons.
  • Develop skills in segmenting content, pacing, and transitions.

This hands-on experience prepares Level 3 certified trainers to educate, guide, motivate and assess students effectively.

Why Bs Security Prioritizes Practice

At Bs Security, our Level 3 courses blend comprehensive security principles with ample practical teaching modules.

We believe practice is crucial for instilling the key competencies outlined in the SIA learning outcomes, including:

  • Delivering engaging and informative lessons
  • Employing good questioning and listening skills
  • Adapting teaching for diverse learner needs
  • Providing motivating feedback and supervision
  • Organizing resources and activities
  • Assessing student performance accurately

Our hands-on activities let trainers gain confidence applying their new expertise in a risk-free environment. Trainees receive plenty of instructor support and feedback during practical sessions.

We utilize state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to mirror real-world classrooms. Our goal is to produce Level 3 certified trainers who can teach security staff to the highest standards.

Practical Tips for Budding Security Trainers

If getting your SIA Level 3 certification is on your horizon, here are some tips to maximize the hands-on elements:

  • Observe experienced trainers whenever possible at work or on courses.
  • Build your confidence delivering mini-lessons to colleagues or friends.
  • Study how your favorite teachers and instructors engage their classes.
  • Participate actively in practical sessions – don’t be shy!
  • Embrace and learn from constructive feedback on your practice teaching.
  • Have fun experimenting with different instructional techniques.
  • Reflect on which methods suit your personal training style.

Start Your Journey to Level 3

The Security Industry Authority certainly recognizes the importance of hands-on learning for professional security trainers. The Level 3 course provides future trainers with ample practice opportunities to hone their craft.

At Bs Security, we believe pairing expertise with experience is the key to developing truly exceptional instructors. Our SIA accredited programs provide the right balance of theory and practice.

If you’re ready to start an exciting career educating the next generation of security staff, reach out today. Let’s discuss how we can help you achieve certified Level 3 status.

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